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*APPD = Autopay and Paperless Discount $10 x24 months

2-Year Contracts with APPD Enrollment offer the greatest overall savings

1. All "Plus" and "Plus More" bundles listed above are guaranteed for 12 months with no contract but are available at a discounted rate of $10 less/month with our Autopay & Paperless Billing Discount.

2. "The Plus/ Plus More" packages above are subject to government-regulated fees: Broadcast TV Fee Up to $18.75/mo and Regional Sports Fee Up to $10.25/mo

3. Contracts and APPD Enrollment are OPTIONAL; prices differ whether customers choose to commit to a 2-year contract and/or enroll in Autopay and Paperless Billing

3. Speed, Programming, and Cloud DVR Storage increase as you step up from Standard to Select, Signature, and Super+ More

4. Customers can receive additional saving by adding Xfinity Mobile to eligible packages, they will receive a $10/month multi-product discount, which is available to New and Existing XMobile customers.

5. APPD is available to new customers only. Customers will receive a $10 discount for 24 months, APPD discount will roll off a customer’s account in month 25.

6. "Standard, Select, Signature, and Super Plus packages increase by $20/mo in months 13-24 whereas ALL "Plus More" packages have a price guarantee of 24 months w/ agreement).

XFINITY Digital TV Channel Lineups

Super = 250+ Channels

Signature = 219+ Channels

Select = 210+ Channels

Standard = 125+ Channels

Limited Basic = 10+ Channels